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A Wee Small Story from the Surrey Comet

Am glad to see that Surrey Comet have run my hideous story of the Wee Waiting room at Motspur Park! I feel proud to be part of the Surrey Papparazzi that have disseminated this story. What makes me laugh is the large photo of the reported that one might think was the Wee culprit if one read too fast the story below.  I am also a little confused as to why the photo of the chief reporter is the headline here! What he does not make clear is that not only did I take the photo and send it to him but also provide him with the full story. Curious and curiouser.

Toilet at Motspur Park Station

Toilet at Motspur Park Station

WH Smith’s. A mistake or a big Xmas con?

A few days before xmas we were shopping in Wimbledon and looking around an impressive WH Smith shop that maybe focuses on books. To be fair there were many true bargains there. But what caught my eye was a shelf that had many ” £20 for 2 books” offers on there, some of them again real bargains, like Guiness Book of Records, £19.99 each or 2 for £20. But I digress. There was also a huge selection of books far less than £10 included in the 2 for £20 offer and stickered. I did an A level in Maths ( or as the Americans like to say, Math)so was not too numerically challenged by this. But there are folks who struggle with numbers and these are the folks who maybe may have been taken in by this. For one book, one might say a simple error, but at least 5 books, suggests perhaps not. This suggests a cynical ploy  that does not endear me to WH Smiths, and one that maybe they might like to explain.

So as a few examples here are some I Phone photos, less than perfect but nonetheless clearly visible what the stickers are offering. The worst culprit was a £2.49 book, that had never even been £10 at full price, so could never in any system generated by a computer be suggested as stock that should be sold in this great alleged bargain.

wsmithwhsmith 2whsmith con

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