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Australian Hoax DJs and Suicide of Nurse

Most of my blogs have an element of humour or certainly need to be taken tongue in cheek, but this is an exception. We all know the story. The hoax call and now the apparent suicide of the nurse who took the call. Nothing has yet been reported from the Australian DJs. Certainly no apology. Hoax calls can go wrong and in fact in many cases are illegal. Many so called “pranks” fall easily into the spectrum of bullying. These wonderful DJs clearly blessed with an empathy rarely seen in others did a prank to presumably make themselves look good and no doubt to further their career. There is a direct link between their prank and this death. What they would not know or necessarily care about, is that some people are vulnerable and often not in an obvious way. I am fully against any sort of prank that ridicules others in a meaningless way. What I read about this pair of DJs does not lead me to sympathise at all with their plight.

If anything good comes out of this it will be that such behaviours are seen as not harmless and in fact rarely ever are. These types of pranks at school often have left children harmed and potentially damaged.

My own view? I am immensely angry at their behaviour which was neither clever nor actually very interesting. Whatever they expected to happen means that they will have to take full responsibility for their actions and one waits to see what they are. This is a very sad story, but more than this, this is not a story but actually a real life event, that will leave a family broken and damaged.

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