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The mystery of the Egress Button ( or handle?)

One of the pleasures of delving into Twitter is the finding that odd words and odd people abound. For some reason I am linked to various train folk, folks who main about late trains, folks who start self-help groups, sort of group therapy for angry commuters, and those who simply like the share the news, mainly the bad news of delays.

The other  day there was a tweet from SouthWest trains about a delay due to the Egress button ( or it may have been handle). I had no idea what they were talking about but it seemed important and was responsible for another delay. It turns out this strangely named item is what we normal folks call the emergency handle or button. So in your next round of trivial pursuit you can now answer what the Egress button is, and it is not a button on a flying Stork, which is what it sounds like.

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