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Walton Casuals 0 Leatherhead 2

Not many games to watch today. The fixture list was not kind to me, so it came down to a few to choose from and having not been to Walton Casuals this season, this one was the selected game. Friendly little club, easy parking, only 8£ to get in, nice burger, cup of tea. Altogether a decent experience. Crowd was low, guess less than 100 and half seemed to be from Leatherhead. The game was no-contest really and Leatherhead won despite being down to 10 men for two thirds of the game. They played the better football, were more skilful, had the luck but also had the better keeper. Wlaton might think they were unlucky to have a goal dissallowed for offside but in all honestry this was a one way game. This is going to be a long season for Walton Casuals.

Before today they sat bottom of Ryman South with a negative goal difference  of 15 and it showed. I hope they get out of trouble but frankly at this stage cannot see how.

A few photos from the game including one of the Leatherhead players who decided to pull down his shorts during the game!


Pants down but why?

Pants down but why?

Free Kick

Free Kick



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