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Met Police 4 Horsham 1

Brentford were too far away at Scunthorpe today after 2000 miles driving in the last 2 weeks, so a local game was needed. Met Police V Horsham.  decent enough game. A mere 9£ to get in and 1.50 for programme. Burger and choc bar only 3£. Bargain made even better by winning the golden goal competition and coming home with 20£. Very friendly to watch football here. Recommend to neutrals. Car parking onsite too. The game was mostly one-sided but Horsham did take the lead but could not defend and it is was clear why they had a negative goal difference of 45 before today. They will be relegated. for some of the photos here a sort of ” what happened next” might be needed. Enjoy.

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Met Police score first goal

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