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Museum of Flight Scotland and Concorde

On a recent trip to Scotland I was fortunate enough to have a little time to look around the museum, which is just outside North Berwick. an impressive place that really mandates a whole days visit. There are too many things to describe but seeing Concorde was an amazing experience. A number of other great exhibitions of various planes and a renovation hangar where planes being “mended” could be viewed. A specific mention for the Bi-Plane that is being created. A group of enthusiasts are building from scratch a Sopwith Bi-plane and will fly it probably in 2014. We were shown around by a real gentleman called /Trevor Frost who gave us an hour of his time to show us and explain the labour of love that they are undertaking.

The Concorde exhibition was quite moving reading about the events surrounding the final crash.



The item causing the Concorde Paris crash

Cockpit Concorde



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