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The movement of Kim around the globe has been associated with a much better geography knowledge. Previously I knew all the northern UK football towns due to the Brentford visits and know I have a decent knowledge of central USA. Looks a dangerous sort of conglommeration of countries all associated with death and destruction. Each day, well maybe week, there are stories of deaths in Mexico. Yesterday a journalist was found decapitated there. Her crime allegedly was to to inform on one of the drug cartels. Anyway, lets hope all is fine. whilst on the cruise last xmas there was the searching for a dead body floating in the sea off Venezuela. admittedly a Russian suicide.

Here we were promised a week of balmy sunshine,  and awoke to grey sky and rain.

Greyhound walking yesterday was less successful than usual. We took a dog called Jeniffer outto Painshill Park. Very happy dog remembered our car and very pleased with idea of car ride. At Painshill refused to get out and had to be dragged almost to the entrance, at which point we decided to go back to car. Cue Greyhound almost running back!!!! What does Jeniffer have against Painshill Park? Elena was off sschool today with viral symptoms but is going back tomorrow so nothing dreadful and I head off To Berlin on wednesday for 3 days.

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