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The movement of Kim around the globe has been associated with a much better geography knowledge. Previously I knew all the northern UK football towns due to the Brentford visits and know I have a decent knowledge of central USA. Looks a dangerous sort of conglommeration of countries all associated with death and destruction. Each day, well maybe week, there are stories of deaths in Mexico. Yesterday a journalist was found decapitated there. Her crime allegedly was to to inform on one of the drug cartels. Anyway, lets hope all is fine. whilst on the cruise last xmas there was the searching for a dead body floating in the sea off Venezuela. admittedly a Russian suicide.

Here we were promised a week of balmy sunshine,  and awoke to grey sky and rain.

Greyhound walking yesterday was less successful than usual. We took a dog called Jeniffer outto Painshill Park. Very happy dog remembered our car and very pleased with idea of car ride. At Painshill refused to get out and had to be dragged almost to the entrance, at which point we decided to go back to car. Cue Greyhound almost running back!!!! What does Jeniffer have against Painshill Park? Elena was off sschool today with viral symptoms but is going back tomorrow so nothing dreadful and I head off To Berlin on wednesday for 3 days.

The whole week. Where has it gone?

Seems to have just dissapeared this week. Drove to Newcastle last sunday night, not what I want to do every sunday night, a mere 350 miles. Monday turned out well as my meeting finished early and I made a quick dash up to Seahouses to get a boat over to the Farne Islands. I had this vision that on a weekday in june the place would be deserted. Wrong. Thousands of people there. There seemed also to be an age limit. No one under 70 was alllowed. Anyway lots and lots of Puffins, being chased by Kittiwakes as they headed back down into their burrows with sand eels. Lots of good photographs. The arctic terns though were being specially evil. I have never seen them so angry and peckety. Heads were being attacked all the time. A fair few seals too, most;y grey atlantic seals. I stayed in a small hotel in Beadnell which overlooked the dea. After an early dinner I had a walk through some fields, where the cows and bull took a too healthy interest in my presence, down to the harbour.
Thursday night Elena and her school choir were singing on the stage in Kingston at the Rose theatre. They all sang a special musical composed for the festival called the Soulbird, named after a book. It was lovely. The musicians all gave their time for free and one of them in turns out is the musical director of Billy Elliot in the West end.
Weather here has continued to be rubbish with rain most or even all days. We got 2 lots of olympic tickets for hockey and equestrian. So not brilliant but not awful either.
Animals are all fine, although we had a comedy moment yesterday. A wicked nasty hateful cat called Monty ( an eveil looking tabby garfield type) has always chased our little black cat shadow ( shadow is the runt if you dont know this already). Today Monty chased Shadow to the edge of the house, then turned around and Shadow chased her to the top and then Monty chased her back to the house. Like a tom and Jerry cartoon!! mind you we came down this morning to find the cat flap torn off the patio window and wrecked, so maybe Monty got revenge in the night………
Brentford have now signed two new players. A German defender and a guy from Man city.
Hedgepig has a new wheel. He continues to be a reversing sort of hedgehog but all the children that come to the house love him.
Elena had made a new friend in her class, a girl called Caitlin, who is one of seven children……….can you imagine………………seven……
Not got plans really for my birthday next weekend but Charles is coming over on the sunday. We might go cricket.
so nothing as exciting as Mexico……..but no hurricanes nor crocs either.

Hedgehog News

Has been great to read your news and Sarah showed me some photos of the apartment. Looks lovely, better than your room here which Sarah unkindly called Newgate Prison! but then she has not seen the lovely blue walls.
all is well. I left a number of comments but none seem to have been uploaded and seem to have been left with the moderator, who either is very slow, or does not like my news.
Hedgepig is fine. He snaffled a beetle yesterday with a lovely crunching sound and I suspect Yasmin would like to have him as chief cockroach eater in spain. Today he had an outing to Elena’s school and in fact was more of interest to the teachers! Houdini we all think is also happier having a friend in the room.
Weather has been horrid since you left and we spent all day at cricket in the rain thursday under umbrellas. The highlights of the day included seeing Rays face when they wanted 32£ for four lots of burger and chips, A guy dressed as Superman phoning for a cab to the travelodge and a man dressed as a banana, whom the children would not leave alone as they thought he was a childrens entertainer!! Where do I get Beetles for Hedgepig from? we are going to get him a new wheel soon.There has also been a horrible smell pervading Motspur Park most of the last week. Suspects included manure, drains but sadly the old lady next door was also mentioned as a possible perpetrator.
Still no idea what olympic tickets we have got, but the Brentford fixtures came out today! Not bad either. Home boxing day and new years eve for a change.
anyway its late here………….looking forward to the next instalment from you!!

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