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“We drove a chevvy to the Levvy but the Levvy was dry…..” American Pie I think.

We have a Chevrolet car here in spain. Something that goes under the name of Aveo. It sort of works but not really uphill, 60 kph maximum. but not exactly the large vehicles you might imagine. But at least it goes and it took us to the Mijas waterpark the other day. Bizzare co-incidence. We met the family of one of Elena,s classmates there…………who in turn had met 2 pupils from the school where the father is a physics teacher…….world is a small place.


apologies for no blogging recently but am still in spain. Southern spain is maybe a little coller than usual and definitely less busy. Pool and Beach etc. Managing to watch some of the football in the bars and charles and I saw that infamous Man u v Arsenal game. We could not believe how bad Arsenal defence was! we were in a bar with some lovely clientele best summarised as “dubious”. Gentleman with ” not guilty” tattoed across his back, which charles thought read ” mr fatty” as was written in some odd font……..
went to Mijas last night for pizza dinner and was nice to be back there. Entertained if that is the right word by Flamenco dancers………..then a guy playing some classical guitar music who was quite good.
somehow charles managed to burn himself on the beach yesterday, dont know quite how as it is his 6th day in the sun and is bright red. No jellyfish around but strangely we did see a squashed tortoise in the road outside the apartment. Bizarre. Where did it come from? First time round I presumed it was some toy but on closer inspection most definitely real. Then last night half a squashed cat in a car parking area………little lizards seem to think it fun to crawl over my foot…..but oddly no mosquitos. Am sure there are usally always some. I also must apologise for my awful spelling which is due partly to this terrible keyboard in the internet cafe. Not even a Mac!!!
anyway we return midnight thursday assuming easyjet allow…….

Brentford 5 Orient 0

A game that will be remembered for many years. Not only were Brentford superb and more than a class over /Orient, but same saunders scored two wonderful free kicks that are Beckham esque. Fantastic Bees performance.

cheerleaders at brentford

Trouble at the Mill

My attempts to cook rice this evening ended only partially in disaster. firstly the only rice I could find was Basmati rice, allegedly by my accusers the price of gold, secondly my quantity was enough to feed the rest of the street, but ” I should have known”. Anyway said rice all eaten………….
End of week commuting to london each day. I have personally funded Costa in ropemaker St in london and personally eaten most of their Lemon Muffins ( and in consequence spilled the lemon curd filling on my suit at regular intervals). I do not know how or why people commute. Apparently the London tube carries 1.1 billion people each day and each such commuter spends an average of 40 minutes a day………It really is not a nice experience. Such a congregation of hot and smelly people should surely be banned under some sort of health and safety legislation.
Have been having Twitter conversations with Glenn Poole, who now plays for Thurrock, Blue Sq Premier south. Gist of the conversation was me suggesting Barnet or Aldershot for him.


Well an interesting day. Usual early start on crowded southwestern trains at some exhorbitant cost. Then having dropped off the little actress off to Barking. there is a first time for everything and by definition a last time. This is not a holiday destination place. The town itself looked like it had looted itself and the only claim to fame can surely be the number of fried chicken restaurants that they have there. Roughly 1 to 1 with all other shops. A pub next to the station, a Wetherspoons  or similar, was packed full of people drinking at 10.30 am. On my mile walk to the health centre I was visiting, I passed a number of front doors, derelict looking with signs saying ” criminal defence solicitor”. I presume they were not describing defence solicitors who were so bad  that they self termed themselves ” criminal”. These being the only sorts of solicitors gave me some indication what sort of area and problems may exist.

Barking station is also maybe the most complicated un-coordinated place in the universe. there are all sorts of trains there going to places that I had never heard of like Gospel Oak? There are underground trains and it was a mystery to work out which of the plethora of platforms they actually left from. Something called C2C trains that went almost directly to Fenchurch Station, wherever that is, I did not even know it existed outside of monopoly. Then London overground, another odd line going to places that I had never heard of. Anyway,I survived.

Exeter 1 Brentford 2

In the end I decided not to go as far too tired with these regular 6.30 starts. But am regretting it now. By all acounts an unconvincing performance from Bees, but 3 points. Bees went 2-0 up and then Leon Legge gave away a penalty. Talking point was that Charlie Macdonald was not even in the 16 man squad. Not sure what that means.
Nothing much happening in the news. The riots are all over, the country remains horrified that people can loot and steal from people simply for greed. They are all getting held in remand and 6 month jail sentences and the general feeling is “good”.
Houdini escaped again today in a mystifying way. Against good advice I let him out for a run in the bathroom as no time to get another ball from that awful PAH…… we watched him sniffing etc, then he suddenly disappeared…..yasmin thought we were joking but he was gone. No hamster in the bathroom. After 5 minutes he suddenly reappeared, and can only presume he got up behind the radiator into some little nook.
Elena is not best pleased today. They gave out the parts for the West end Stage show on sunday, they are doing Wizard of Oz. She was hoping for Dorothy, but has got Aunty Em (never heard of her but I assured her it was a big part…). The reality is that they all get around 4-8 lines each in this 15 minute production and then launch into singing and stage combat. She has been regaling us with stories about how they learn stage combat, fighting and hair pulling and punching.

I am very curious who is reading this blog!

Just looking at the stats my most popular day was when I uploaded Brentford v Yoevil photos and got a few of the players to tweet the blog address. since then mixed days. However today Aug 16th 10 views already. Do let me know who you are and what you like or hate about the blog!

Stage and Drama

this is the week that elena is up at her West end Stage training. So, dutifully a 6.30 am alarm call, packed lunch made and hopped onto the 7.46 train to Waterloo. All went well but it reminded me how awful it is to commute. the underground trains were packed solid. All went well it seems, other than the singing teacher is not liked ” dont think he likes kids”…..apparently the Guildhall stage and drama have the best muffins in the world…..and as they charge the same as Costa would 1.40£ each, I imagine they must be. but actually the whole thing was very impressive. The organisation was spot on and all the folks I met were decent people.
Houdini escaped again tonight. His ball is going to be re-cycled tomorrow and I shall have words with that Pets at Home shop. These balls are not “nibble-proof” for Hamsters. We had no idea where he had gone but luckily the door was shut limiting his activity a little.

Sutton 0 Woking 5

Just about says it all really. A great game but less so if you were a sutton fan. Sutton got promotion last season to Blue Square South ( ie, 2 divisions below the football league). Game very one sided and Woking scored a simple goal after 2 minutes and carried on scoring simple goals. 

Sporting sort of weekend

all remains well here and summer has even returned again. Saturday was football day but it seemed too far to go to Sheff Utd v Bees, so went to watch Sutton v Woking instead. A good choice. Bees lost 2-0 and it sounds worryingly that they were outbattled. Sutton 0-5 woking, meant it was a really good game to watch if a little one sided. Photos will be in next post.
Today sunday, went to watch a one day cricket game at Horsham, Sussex v Worcestershire. A 40 over game. Went with Matt,Ray and Marian. Was a great day out. Weather was perfect and game was exciting.
Tomorrow Elena is starting her week at West End Stage in london and will be performing again at Her Majesty’s theatre next sunday evening. All very exciting. What will not be exciting is travelling,commuting, daily to London,Barbican area, to arrive before 10 am. So joyfully we will be on the 7.50 am train to Waterloo tomorrow in only a few hours time.
Other news is that I am sort of starting to get the hang of this new IMAC computer and have transferred over all the data from the previous computer. The challenge is finding out exactly what the computer is capable of doing.
We are off to Spain on 22nd Aug till 1st Sept and Charles is coming out to spend a week out there. No new Pet news, all seems stable! Hedgepig ate some apple last night and is generally becoming more friendly. Cannot recall when we last had a chuff or prickle alert.
Hope all well in Mexico land. You will need to explain your plans to me as I will be in USA a few times in the next 12 months and hopefully can get to see you and this lovely sounding place.

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