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Recipe for a Wedding Cayman Islands Style

Going to weddings is not my usual form of entertainment but when they take place publicly on the beach when on holiday then maybe its ok to have a peek. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to an amazing hotel like the Marriott Grand Cayman
  2. Rent a section of the beach
  3. Put some chairs on the beach and set up some small goalposts
  4. Make the bridegroom arrive 15 minutes early and look ever so uncomfortable standing there all alone
  5. Have a group of loud Texans in the swimming pool, yellering and hollerring and making many other noises not immediately recognisable as a language on this planet
  6. Then have your dinner outside by a pool with turtles swimming by
  7. Lastly pray for no rain during this little episode of festivities.
Marriott Grand Cayman

Marriott Grand Cayman

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Grand Cayman. Heaven on Earth

Never having been here before my expectations were high but I have been astounded by the beauty of this island. If one thinks of an Island paradise this is exactly what you will find here. The downsides? No football. No sign of Cayman United. And the price of food is amazingly high. Not far off double UK pieces. That aside it is beautiful. The beaches are pristine white, the sea is clean and clear. The people friendly. Many maybe even most people here either dive or have some dive related job. The recent debate has been whether to introduce tax to salaries. There was some proposal to tax salaries 30%, this was then ground down to 10% and then abolished! So no tax. Temperature. Easy 31 deg daytime and 27 deg at night. Bit of rain some maybe even most days.

The best part for me though is swimming to a sort of huge rig about 50 yards off shore and sitting effectively in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Fish swim everywhere. On morning walks along the beach ( that we voluntarily get up for around 6.45am) there are Needlefish swimming about 3-4 metres out to sea, they catch tiny little fish in one sweeping movement. Large shoals of Bermuda Chubb swim around and hope for feeding. There is one huge Mutton Snapper ( called Toby or Bob. Depending upon who you talk to) with a mouth wider than most fish. No jellyfish, as yet. This is a lovely place.

Eating at night is a joy with so many places to choose from. Rackhams by the waterfront in George Town has to be the best! Sunset at Royal Palms comes in second. Third place is a tie at the moment. Best beers? Close thing. Caybrew is great as is Coors light but maybe Whitetip is winning just now. Rackhams however wins for the best burger on earth!

Seven Mile Beach

Sunset at 6.45 pm. Royal Palms Beachfront. Seven mile beach

My home for 2 weeks. 50 metres out to sea. Marriott Grand Cayman

Seven mile beach. Just before sunset.




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