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Why do Dogs have specific sleeping positions? Any thoughts on a Husky cross? 

As a first time dog owner I am quite watchful about the minutiae of dog behaviour. From an 8 week puppy to a 9 month old adolescent he has always liked sleeping either firmly pressed against two sides. For example in his crate he sleeps almost in an L shape. Today he is sleeping pressed firmly all four paws against a sofa. 

My question is whether this is normal for all dogs or maybe specific for Huskies? He is a Siberian Spaniel so around 75% Husky and 25% Cocker Spaniel. Just curious . 

The Wolf Dog

The photographic star of the website

Wolf today is just chilling and reading his daily crossword and trying on his favourite bandana.


The Husky Who Discovered Ice In UK. What did he do? A short video

A four month old puppy. Three quarters Husky and the rest Cocker Spaniel. Which is actually a great mix and represents brilliance from the breeder . The mixture tend to ameliorate the bad bits of both. As long as you like exercising them. Or they exercise you ? He is called Wolf and discovered Ice in the park. Here is his attempt to remove it. ttps://

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