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The Olympic Two Weeks have to go down as one of life’s great events. No exagerration

Having been in korea for the first 3 days of the olympics and hence being the only person on this planet who never saw the opening ceremony, I was looking forward to see ing the olympics in a casual and moderately interested way. The trip however to the olympic stadium, seeing the excitement , the gamesmakers smiling at people they did not know, the thousands of happy souls wandering around, changed it all. We felt part of it and not just a specatator. It was also the day that I fell in love with women’s hockey. Not just because it was Team GB playing but because the game itself was so devoid of all the nonsense that surrounds football. It was fast, no time-wasting, no cynical fouls, little dissent, when balls went out they were replaced immediately and in each 35 minutes one got just that 35 minutes . The crowd also were supporting,enjoying, with none of that alcoholic swagger and swearing. Watching on TV then became de rigeur and the Equestrian jumping event was the second huge surprise. Greenwich Park was a natural venue where the towers of the city contrasted with the victorian buildings. The light that day was also amzing with the sky as dark as night.

I have loved every minute of the olympics. The closing ceremony must go down as one of the most magical and enchanting events ever. A spectacle that had to be seen to be believed.

The joy of winning

ghosts in the goal

A swing

The Riverbank Stadium


Gold Medal for GB in Team Equestrian at Greenwich

Equestrian has always been a mystery to me until yesterday. We had the pleasure of seeing the qualifying round for the Team medals. The weather played its part. All got soaked and I mean soaked by some of the heaviest rain that I have been out in for a while. But spirits were not dampened. Great to see up close the horses and riders. Rather than wax lyrical about how magical the afternoon was I will show you in picture form the story of the day. but again LOCOG deserve so much praise for excellent organisation, the searches were carried out with hunour by naval folks. I may have been converted to an equestrian lover.For years I have been under the delusion that only football can generate an atmosphere that is electric but this is frankly wrong. To see the people of varying ages , 2 years to 90 years would be my guess, shouting and screaming for a horse, then a deadening hush when it goes wrong, was incredible. We even got a trip back on the DLR and changing trains at Canada Water was also simply incredible.

Deckchairs and a big screen in Greenwich Park

Borat and Kazakhstan National Anthem. Cue hysterical laughter all weekend

Once in a while a story emerges that has one looking at the date to see if it is April 1st. I read this story in the Sunday Times yesterday and the full story is on the link below. But the gist is that a Kazakstahn athlete had won a shooting tournament gold medal in Kuwait and instead of the real national anthemn they played the Borat version. Easy to get this wrong? I don’t think so. The first notes were followed by the stirring words ” Kazakstahns prostitutes the cleanest in the region”, followed by the boast of its swimming pool with ” a filtration system to marvel at. It removes 80% of solid human waste”

BBC News – Borat anthem stuns Kazakh gold medallist in Kuwait

3 days ago – A Kazakh shooting gold medallist is stunned as the comedy national anthem from the film Borat is played for her victory in Kuwait instead of the real one. anthem, offensive to Kazakhstan

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