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Cowpie Country Show 2015

Cowpie sounds like a strange menu item but in fact is the annual show for the Surrey Young Farmers. Up until this year it had been held at Betchworth near Dorking, but maybe because last years event had to be postponed due to rain , it was moved to near Lingfield.

The Cowpie Country Show is organised entirely by Young Farmers and volunteers and is held annually in May. The Show attracts around 20,000 visitors who come to see the wide range of main ring attractions, livestock, side shows and trade stands.

Cowpie also incorporates one of Surrey YFC’s main competition days, so visitors can see Young Farmers competing in events around the show ground, like hay bail racing, livestock judging, charity racing and archery.

The show is a great day out with a mixture of events, like various dog racing and dog competitions, birds of prey ( a little sanitised if I am honest), stalls, a small fair and various other diverse events that include tarot card reading ( maybe something for Nick Clegg next time?), motorcycle stunt riders, sheep shearers and many more things.

Kestrel at Cowpie 2015

Kestrel at Cowpie 2015

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Strawberries, Ducks and Opium. What next?

With a little bit of sun gardens are coming to life. Some plants are already dieing off, Poppies and Chives for example. Strawberries however are making a grand appearance but a badly behaved duck is inclined to spoil the party!

best One alive chive2 IMG_8576 IMG_8545 IMG_8553 IMG_8584 IMG_8586

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