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Brentford 2 Carlisle 1

This was one of those games that restores faith in professional football. The weather was right for football, cloudy with a sense of rain in the air. Floodlights on in the second half. The ground had almost 7000 in there, a decent crowd considering not so many had made the trip down from Carlisle almost 400 miles away. The Brentford board and directors also did their bit by allowing fans to buy tickets up to 4 pm friday at only 10£.

But this was a great game of football. Carlisle came to play and not just block up one end for 90 minutes. Brentford took the lead in the first half with a nice finish in the box from Jonathon Douglas and then gifted Carlisle an equaliser following a dreadful  defensive error. But Brentford went on to get the winner in the second half and combined with a penalty save by the Brentford keeper Simon Moore about 10 minutes from the end got the 3 points.

So why was this a good game? Well put simply effort and running all game from all 20 outfield players. Great tackles, great saves and decent goals. A few maligned Brentford players had their best games and in fact all 11 might have been man of the match. Great day out, great game this football. And the Cornish Pastie, re-heated I suspect  a snip at 2.50£.

Metropolitan Police 0 Billericay Town 1

As Brentford were playing in carlisle, which is essentially an hour from Glasgow, it was a simple decision to miss this game and go to a local non-league game. I have taken to watching Met Police who play in the Ryman’s Premier league, which is actually only 3 leagues below the football league.  One of the reasons i watch them is that parking is so easy, a great big car park at their Molesesy HQ. However I always check that my tax disc is showing and in date and the tyres on the car are not too offensive. a decent game. Met Police play passing football and most teams they play seem to rely more on the physical aspects. Met Police had a player sent off after about 10 minutes for being ” the last man” and the game seemed destined to finish 0-0, although in fairness Billericay should have had a number of goals. In injury time a truly shocking backpass gave billericay a goal. this also is the first game where the secretary came around in the 75th minute to hand out programmes to all spectators because the programmes had been printed ” been sent somewhere, and arrived in the 75th minute……”. Free of charge i must add.

Meanwhile Brentford drew 2-2 with Carlisle and it seems from the report a lively enough game with Brentford taking the lead and then equalising in the 88th minute. Uwe Rosler on the radio afterwards sounded a happy enough soul.

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