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Metropolitan Police 0 Billericay Town 1

As Brentford were playing in carlisle, which is essentially an hour from Glasgow, it was a simple decision to miss this game and go to a local non-league game. I have taken to watching Met Police who play in the Ryman’s Premier league, which is actually only 3 leagues below the football league.  One of the reasons i watch them is that parking is so easy, a great big car park at their Molesesy HQ. However I always check that my tax disc is showing and in date and the tyres on the car are not too offensive. a decent game. Met Police play passing football and most teams they play seem to rely more on the physical aspects. Met Police had a player sent off after about 10 minutes for being ” the last man” and the game seemed destined to finish 0-0, although in fairness Billericay should have had a number of goals. In injury time a truly shocking backpass gave billericay a goal. this also is the first game where the secretary came around in the 75th minute to hand out programmes to all spectators because the programmes had been printed ” been sent somewhere, and arrived in the 75th minute……”. Free of charge i must add.

Meanwhile Brentford drew 2-2 with Carlisle and it seems from the report a lively enough game with Brentford taking the lead and then equalising in the 88th minute. Uwe Rosler on the radio afterwards sounded a happy enough soul.

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