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The Lemurs of The Lemur Loop At Marwell Zoo

On July 7th 2017 the new Lemur Loop opened at Marwell Zoo near Winchester in UK. The zoo is a zoo dedicated to animal conservation and is now expanding rapidly. The Lemur Loop is an opportunity for visitors to not only see lemurs at first hand only a few feet away with no barriers nor fences, but also to learn about them in the excellent new educational area that adjoins the Lemur’s home.

As with all wild animals there can be no guarantee that they will come out when the visitors want them too but in reality they are very likely to do so. This is an excellent initiative and gives people another good reason to visit this small but superb zoo in Hampshire.

These are a few photos taken on the first day the loop was opened. This will give some idea of the potential for close-up viewing of these beautiful animals.


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