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University of Bristol Open Day 2018

University open days are essential for students to see not only the university and their course offerings but also the location. They can be quite variable. Bristol have got it absolutely right.

Registration was simple and quick online and all confirmation details followed by post .

All the plethora of events were clearly signposted and hundreds of students were there to direct and answer questions.

Bristol is a city centre campus and a number of the roads were helpfully closed off to allow easy walking access between venues. Food stands serving good food but at parents prices not student prices were all around. That might be a little unfair as £5-7 would get you a nice food item.

Seemingly all the presentations were good and mostly 30-40 minutes with separate stalls set up where students gave out literature on their courses . The university was busy but not overcrowded so seem to have got their numbers right. Security personnel were in attendance giving a safe feel rather than a persecuted one.

Some of the sports clubs were showing their wares with basketball and badminton clubs having areas where students were playing.

Lastly a shoutout to Murray’s a cafe in the city centre . A good place for folks to feed and water. Orange Polenta cake can be recommended.

Overall impression of Bristol university was excellent .

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