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Applying For a Zip Oyster Card Online For Teenagers . A Little Complex Maybe. A few tips.

Around this time of year there are exam results, A levels today and GCSE on 24th august. Parents also will be checking that their children’s Oyster card is working. Many will need to renew in secondary education and update to a 16+ card.  The Zip Oyster cards are such a good deal for children and those in education that it is difficult to be critical, however when applying a few things you need to be aware of:

  1. Firstly you can only apply now online. There are certain situations where you will need to take an application that has been already submitted to a post-office though.
  2. The TFL site is actually very helpful  Link to the Zip Oyster site
  3. Many of us have Mac computers and for whatever reason the site is not compatible with Safari as a browser. This was not immediately clear as I got some jumbled message after submitting muttering about computer stacks not available. So Google Chrome was my default browser, and worked fine.
  4. The adult needs to create a web account through which you then apply on behalf of the child.
  5. The application requires you enter details from your child’s passport for age verification purposes. So you need that handy, as some details asked you might not be aware of even if remembering the passport number.
  6. There is a £20 cost, which seems reasonable considering the savings on travel, especially in the London area.


The process is hardly onerous but being aware that Safari is not a compatible browser and that you need the child’s passport is worth knowing.


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