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Does This Constitute A Potential Theft? Should I Inform The Police? Advice Please

In itself this is a relatively minor and trivial matter and I have no desire to waste police time. On the other hand this is not a precedent I am happy to set with my neighbour if I do nothing . I am also making one large presumption here.

While away on holiday the neighbour chose to replace his old fence. Although we knew it would happen some time, it might have been a day , week or year. He did not tell us when he was doing this.
We know the old fence was pulled down and due we think to a disagreement he had with his fencing builders , the fence was down leaving our two gardens connected openly at the back for around 5-7 days . A new fence was then erected and this was complete before we returned home.
While checking the garden today I noticed that all my gardening tools have vanished. These were left in the garden in a small alleyway. A broom, spade and fork. All fairly new and decent quality. Probably worth £60 in total.

That the neighbour will not take responsibility and replace these tools as it is his actions that can only have expedited their loss. With an erected fence there is no entry realistically into the garden.

What should be done?
Firstly I have checked that there is no other explanation for their disappearance. No one for example who was looking after the house has borrowed them.
I seem to have three options

  1. Do nothing and buy new ones.
  2. Ask the neighbour to replace the missing tools as for me it is his responsibility having created the scenario whereby they could have been misappropriated . This I will do of course however my presumption is that this will not be a happy request and be declined
  3. Report this to the local police and take their advice. However I am keen to not waste their time .

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2 thoughts on “Does This Constitute A Potential Theft? Should I Inform The Police? Advice Please

  1. I think it pointless reporting it to the police unless you have home insurance that might cover their loss. I’d suggest asking the neighbour for a donation towards their replacement, as although he can be thought to be partially responsible he’s not wholly so. If he refuses then write it off to experience and in future find somewhere more secure to keep your tools.

  2. Alexandra Pawley-Kean on said:

    Are your cats ok? Get Wolf to trash the fence and thirdly report if. CHAVS.

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