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Tapeface at Garrick Theatre until July 23rd. Just go and see him.

Tapeface came to my attention via a teenager and YouTube and much laughter around a week ago. He had been a contestant on America Has Talent and the ubiquitous Simon Cowell. He is a stand up comedian of an unusual type. He says nothing . His mouth is taped over with a piece of masking tape. YouTube clips are mostly short maybe 5 minutes so I wondered how he would make a whole show last. Reasonable price tickets were available from Todays Tix an app I find incredibly useful for last minute- well last week- theatre tickets . So for 25£ I end up on a Wednesday evening in London. 
The show lasted with a 20 minute intermission 2.5 hours and was interesting, funny, intensely watchable and superbly produced . No spoilers here but the acoustics and set design were superb and the production really unique. This is an audience participation show and Tapeface does venture to the back of the theatre. 
If you can get there before July 23rd just do it! Tapeface has been described by more eloquent and no doubt more highly paid critics as a modern day Charlie Chaplin. This is right and wrong. He has more tools than Chaplin had including the excellent stage sound and lighting .
Who is Tapeface? He is Sam Wills a 38 year old New Zealander living in London. You have only a few more days to see him at the Garrick Theatre 

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