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Southern Railway Services. Another side of the coin

My travel takes me mostly on South West Trains here in uk and although far from perfect the service is not too bad 

 Today for the first time in years I ventured into a Southern Rail train. The media is full of talk over the endless rail strikes and other negative chaos. Clearly this is a first trip and maybe an unusual one. However I had an altogether more positive experience.

  1. The station at Coulsdon South was well signposted for pedestrians
  2. Clear information given on the platform tegRding how to claim a refund if your train is more than 15 minutes late
  3. The station was clean
  4. The train was on time 
  5. Carriages were exceptionally clean and comfortable with a good number of not only tables to work at but every seat had a plug socket. One can spend hours trying to find a plug socket at an airport and never at a station. 
  6. Air conditioning on the train made the journey comfortable

Clearly I am a n=1 here and others can and no doubt will contribute horror stories regarding Southern rail but the point is that there are many positives as well as the well documented negatives. 

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