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Terrorist Attack in Nice July 2016 on Bastille Day

When visiting any city it seems that always sometime somewhere a horrific event has taken place. On a rainy day in Nice walking along the promenade I had totally forgotten about the atrocity on Bastille day less than a year ago. 

The Promenade Des Anglais is almost what might be described as a typical promenade. Walking along by the sea. Palm trees floating around and multiple cafes on the other side of the road. Today it was wet and few ventured onto the beach where they met diggers and other building works.  I came across randomly a pile of flowers placed at the edge of the promenade and suddenly remembered why they might be there. 

On the evening of July 14 last year 2016  a 19 tonne cargo truck killed 87 people including the perpetrator who would have been out walking happily in the evening. A vile evil expression of terror that has failed to extinguish the light of hope in the French people.  I felt for those poor souls but what was enlightening was that the promenade was open and even in the rain many were walking. You see terror attacks will never win and importantly never stop folks going about their daily activities. 

The event took place at 22.30 pm and this photo taken nearby but not on the promenade gives some idea of the lighting and atmosphere that might have prevailed. 

It felt good to be walking along the promenade unfazed by the previous attack. 

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One thought on “Terrorist Attack in Nice July 2016 on Bastille Day

  1. Alexandra Pawley-Kean on said:

    The only way to beat terrorists is to stand up to them, remember those who lost their lives and be firm. Excellent piece. x

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