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24 Hours of eating in  Berlin when working. Marriott Midtown Grill

Berlin is mostly a city that given a little time one can walk around. The train station sits centrally 15 minutes walk from Brandenburg gate and Tiergarden. 

Walking really is the best way to see this city especially if travel time is all the time you get to see the city when working. 

The food is interesting and despite a few little quirks, the Marriott Midtown Grill is not a bad little restaurant although not cheap. This time of year is white asparagus season. So a meal of asparagus, salmon and potatoes seems a good choice and it was. Cheesecake is always a good choice . Nice touches included free bread. In fact a small loaf really. A pretzel with the beer. And if one wanted toasted marshmallows with the bill! 

A few strange aspects of German cuisine include the painted boiled eggs seemingly on offer in most German airport lounges. 

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2 thoughts on “24 Hours of eating in  Berlin when working. Marriott Midtown Grill

  1. Alexandra Pawley-Kean on said:

    Must must visit. x

  2. I checked this post out because of two reasons. First is I’ve got Marriott points I’m trying to use when I visit Europe. Second dis that I’m very much interested in checking out Berlin. I’ll be exploring your blog a bit more hoping for some guidance. How far was the train from the hotel? I’ve also heard about how walkable the city is. The marathon is suppose to be a great one because of the vibe and the flatness of the place. Hoping to check this all out soon one day.

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