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AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen 

An architecturally curious hotel. Divided into two towers. There are good and bad points about this hotel. Let’s start with the negatives. Expect a scowling unhappy taxi driver as the hotel is around 4 km from the airport. An estare agent might describe the hotel as having good access to conference facilities, ideal when watching a concert at Bella Centre. Bryan Adams arrives next month. And perfect if looking for a new home. So let’s translate that lot into reality. 

The hotel is a superb looking building. It is connected to a large congress centre next door and a few yards away is the main entrance to Bella Center. The whole complex has car parks around it. The land next door is a massive building site. There are seemingly hundreds of new build houses under construction. So there is little point in coming to this hotel unless you have a specific need to. Some bus stops outside . A metro station about third of a mile away. 

The hotel is generally busy and there are queues for both check-in and check-out. A large breakfast room with a superb breakfast but a curious quirk. On arrival at the self service buffet breakfast one is invited to fill in a card with room number etc. There is also a section to leave a tip! I wonder if non EU tourists might be confused into leaving tips thinking it the norm or being unaware that it is self service. This is not a practice I much care for . 

The hotel itself is modern, comfortable and warm, but not cheap. Avoid the minibar where a small chocolate bar will cost you £2.50 or to be precise 20DK. As per Scandinavian norms the rooms have wood flooring and duvets that you struggle to make fit the bed. The staff are nice and efficient and the ambience is good. This is a hotel for the business traveller and preferably when someone else is paying the bill. 

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