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Bizarre football stories today 29th October

When your side plays on Friday night it is a good opportunity to watch the football stories as they come in as they do

  1. The Colne FC goalkeeper Matthew Johnson sadly broke his leg and was left waiting an hour in the cold and wet for an ambulance . 
  2. Brackley in National league north took 12 fans to their away match at Halifax. 
  3. The referee in the Holmer Green v Edgware town FC match abandoned the game allegedly because of the constant moaning of a fan! This I cannot easily believe!! 
  4. Jazzi Barnum-bobb is the real name of a real footballer at Newport County and he scored away at Accrington 
  5. The name of the Accrington stadium is the Wham stadium 
  6. In the FA trophy  Brightlingsea Regent away at Metropolitan Police the final score was 2-6 but what was more remarkable was that Brightlingsea Regent scored four of their goals in the 45th minute . In fact there were five goals in the 45th minute! To complete the fun five substitutions took place in the 45th minute with three cautions! All this in front of a crowd of 125 . Worth knowing a bit more about that game. 

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