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Molesey 1 Romford 3. FA Trophy Preliminary Round

Molesey are one of the nonleague teams I watch where one is guaranteed a combative and feisty game, and thats a good thing. Crowds are never massive and not often more than 150 when I attend. This was a good game and overall a draw would have been a fair result.

A few things of note:

  • Shirt pulling is endemic and rarely seen by the officials and often seen by the camera. Any clamping down on this at a nonleague level has not happened00006510
  • Arguing with the refereee is endemic even when the player in question is clearly in the wrong
  • Teams are getting more colourful. Not sure how many different colours were evident at this game, but hair, boots and shirts were all fascinating.00006553
  • Players do not need to be in perfect physical shape to play football well at this level. 00006561



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5 thoughts on “Molesey 1 Romford 3. FA Trophy Preliminary Round

  1. Think you being generous for the attendance there. Haven’t seen them get near 100 for a long time!!

    • Made me smile…..not sure how many wee that day but up to 2.55pm there were 3 people….the romford fans made more noise than the rest, maybe 10 of them, but size wise we might count them at 20 lol…. i love coming here….the players really try hard…..and the burgers are good…..

      • No more chips at Stompond the van is closed down. Only sarnies from the bar now.
        Was there Wednesday for the derby at home v Chertsey. Rubbish game but reckon 120 there.

      • Went to the Greenwich cup game…..dismal…..and starved my way through……kinda vowed not to go again this season…..if I am not watching Brentford, Carshalton is a good option, nice club too

      • was at that too. neglecting my Orient for them this season. mind you that’s not a bad thing!

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