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A week in the life of a Brentford fan. No fire at Griffin Park as Will Grigg returned. But there was a rainbow 

A week in the life of a Brentford fan. Always unpredictable! Three games in a week and each very different. A superb and exciting 4-0 win over a good Reading side followed by a fairly average 0-0 against a poor Wigan side . All preceded by a 3-1 defeat at Molineux. With little doubt the best team Bees played over the week was Reading. Football is a strange game and that’s why bookmakers always win. 

Bees struggled to break down a Wigan side that was set out well but lacked a lot of basic skill. The game had few chances and Wigan almost won it with the last kick of the game. The game highlight was the double rainbow that ended in the Ealing road terrace. 

Set pieces were frankly awful today. Short corners regularly came to nothing. Free kicks were wasteful. Why McCormack was taking them I am unsure. Bjelland against Reading looks a useful set piece performer. These are minor negative comments but Bees have to learn to break down teams like Wigan. 

So what did we learn this week? Probably that although consistency of team selection is important and something I advocate strongly there is also reason to change the team for different games. Bees lacked against Wigan much threat through the middle and Kalkai may have offered more width and speed. Clarke in contrast had a quiet game. After an early booking McCormack had for him a quiet game and Ryan Woods at half time might have added a new angle. The Macs when they came on as substitutes offered little . In summary did either goalkeeper make a save today? No. 

But this is Championship football and years ago Bees would have lost games like this and we continue to learn and improve. 
We also learned at Wolves that giving the ball away in midfield cheaply can be expensive. 
Bees are a good side and certainly in the top ten teams. Onwards and upwards. 
The only worry for Bees fans is the rumour about Dean Smith and Aston Villa. Any truth? Who knows but Villa losing 2-0 at Preston was not something I wanted to see. 

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