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Darling Harbour in Sydney. A wonderful place on a Sunday morning in winter

One of the benefits of changing time zones is that early morning starts get easier. Walking around Darling harbour at 8 am is probably the best time to see the sleepy harbour wake. Later in the day it gets busy with hoardes of tourists flocking to the multiple bars and restaurants . Walking down Murray street and across Pyrmont bridge is the best way to view the totality of the harbour. The many boats and types make interesting viewing. Some are harbour cruise boats whilst others take passengers on whale watching cruises. 

Food and drink is not cheap and the best way to eat is to take advantage of the various early dinner offers that mostly get a 2-3 course meal for around 30 Australian dollars. Ice creams seem even more expensive than those purveyed by the evil ice cream salesmen in Madrid. Slightly away from the main harbour areas are quieter and more interesting walks . Coffee in the sun alone with only a submarine for company will cost 4.5 A$. Rather cheaper than a 72 A$ salted caramel cake from Lindt.

A number of presumably very expensive apartments and maybe holiday homes line parts of the harbour near the Pyrmont pier ferry stop. Any numbers of ferries take passengers to any numbers of places . 

There are multiple photo opportunities with various boats including warships and a lighthouse. That can look impressive in the early morning mists. There seems no escape from the sqwarking parakeets that keep themselves above the tourists wherever they can. Pyrmont bridge is also a fascinating place with hoardes of interesting people and cyclists. And curiously a 10 kph speed limit for pedestrians. The bridge also surprised me by opening! 

The water in the harbour seemed almost crystal clear with amazing reflections. Around the harbour various building works were in progress with the size of some of the new buildings obscuring more of the skyline. The Ferris wheel seemed to be attracting the clouds in the same way mountains often do. Darling harbour should be on the list for any Sydney tourist for sure. 

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