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Reindeer Hotdogs and Football Catering

Maybe they could be the way in for football clubs to enhance their culinary range? Many have tried such delicacies as Chilli and balti pies, but where in UK have any reindeer hotdogs been seen?

Seems Reindeer oddly may be the alternative to fish. Reindeer meat is one of the leanest meats. It compares favourably with fish when it comes to omega-3 and essential fatty acids. If you want your diet to be low in fat and high in B-12, omega-3, omega-6 and essential fatty acids, you might think your only choice is a trip to the fish market but perhaps a few Reindeer hotdogs might be the answer. The Arctic University of Norway has also done its research and reindeer meat may have more than twice as much vitamin B12 than veal or lamb.

So come on football clubs, be adventurous and keep your fans healthy.


Could Reindeer hotdogs catch on at football?


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One thought on “Reindeer Hotdogs and Football Catering

  1. Alexandra Pawley-Kean on said:

    Or do what this club did and ditch meat altogether. In November, the Forest Green Rovers became the world’s first all-vegan football club.

    Football fans couldn’t get enough of the Q-Pie with mash and gravy, the “chicken” nuggets made with vegan Quorn, the juicy veggie burgers with chips or the spicy Mexican vegetable fajitas – and who could blame them?

    Speaking of the club’s decision to adopt an entirely plant-based menu, Forest Green Rovers Chair Dale Vince said:

    The meat and dairy industry … involves incredible animal cruelty and staggering numbers. … And, of course, … meat is bad for human health, being a major cause of cancer. Making these facts plain and demonstrating what a plant based diet looks and tastes like is an important part of our work.

    The Green Devils are currently second in the National League, and in the video, Dale goes on to discuss how, for elite athletes, not eating meat can be a huge advantage. The growing list of top “no-meat athletes” certainly backs him up – it includes boxer David Haye, free-running champion Tim Shieff, Olympic cyclist Lizzie Armitstead, strongman Patrik Baboumian, squash world champion James Willstrop and ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll.

    More and more professional athletes are recognising that healthy plant-based eating supplies the protein and other nutrients that they need to build muscle and be fit, without clogging arteries with saturated fat.

    So let Rudolf help Santa and try a lovely Quorn burger! Scrummy! I’ll have chips with mine please …

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