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Molesey 2 Carshalton 1

A few photos from an entertaining game that really might have been a draw. The floodlights were the poorest I have personally ever photographed under and their variability of light meant the pitch was in essence a huge chessboard where only some areas could realistically be used to get photos from. A crowd of 96 souls braved the chilly evening to watch the game.

1K4A4986 1K4A4988 1K4A4991 1K4A4993 1K4A4995 1K4A4999

Luke Colquhoun

Luke Colquhoun

1K4A5011 1K4A5012

Luke Colquhoun

Luke Colquhoun

1K4A5017 1K4A5018 1K4A5021 1K4A5025 1K4A5033 1K4A5034 1K4A5035 1K4A5036 1K4A5037 1K4A5038 1K4A5039 1K4A5040 1K4A5045 1K4A5046 Bad Hair Day best.JPG Bad Hair Day best best2

Craig Lewington

Craig Lewington

No goal

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