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Murder in Motspur Park in Surrey Feb 9th 2015

Motspur Park is maybe best famous for hosting the Fulham football club training ground and is otherwise part of the london suburbia where denizens leave by train in the morning and return home in crowded rush hour carriages. A murder yesterday Feb 9th has shocked the community.

The basic story seems to go like this. A couple living in a residential road in a terraced house, the husband it is speculated killed the wife. Little more is known other than the man was taken to hospital with alleged head injuries. The road has been filled for two days with police officers,  detectives knocking on doors, numerous journalists. Very little is known about the couple Ray and Linda Mills. They seemed to live a quiet existence and rarely spoke to neighbours but were often seen about. Nothing heralded this event.

Numerous forensic scientists appeared at various times to bring out various…

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