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Hong Kong Food , PuPu Platter and Deep Fried milk. What did the Hairy Angry Crab make of it?

I am sure that Chinese food is wonderful, it is just that to me it is not. I do not like the look of it, the smell of it, the taste of it nor the ingredients . Seemingly everything that I dislike gets included, mushrooms, prawns, shrimps, oysters, unspecified meats, raw meats, raw fish and so on……so although i seemed to survive 3 days there, i have lost weight, feel hungry and never really want to eat at/near/in a chinese restaurant again please. Things that I will avoid, Hairy Crabs, Angry Crabs, Pu Pu Platter,  deep fried milk and in fact everything. And in fact my sympathy is with the crab, if I were a Dungeness crab, I too would be angry being plucked from my tank alive and eaten.

The saving grace were the chinese tarts, there were a lot of chinese tarts in the hotel, blueberry ones, and…

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