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Sri Lanka. Images of a Beautiful Country

There are few reasons not to choose to go to Sri Lanka. Whatever one wants from a holiday can be found there. Here are a few images I took on a visit there in July 2014. Please enjoy and encourage others to visit this wonderful country. There are photos here of photos from the Tsunami museum.

Best best2  best4     image    IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0012 IMG_0014 IMG_0017     IMG_0024 IMG_0025      IMG_0039  IMG_0043    IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0069  IMG_0077  IMG_0080 IMG_0085  IMG_0089      IMG_0100        IMG_0137 IMG_3736 IMG_3779 IMG_3798 IMG_3969 IMG_4020 IMG_4021 IMG_4157 IMG_4190 IMG_4244 IMG_4247   IMG_9602 IMG_9602f  IMG_9605 IMG_9606 IMG_9607        IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9630      IMG_9640 IMG_9641 IMG_9648 IMG_9657 IMG_9660  IMG_9660zx   IMG_9663 IMG_9664  IMG_9670 IMG_9671 IMG_9672 IMG_9673  IMG_9699   IMG_9712   IMG_9719  IMG_9748     IMG_9761 IMG_9765 IMG_9769  IMG_9789 IMG_9796 IMG_9797  IMG_9805 IMG_9806   IMG_9810    IMG_9817 IMG_9819  IMG_9832   IMG_9866              IMG_9906      IMG_9928    IMG_9946   IMG_9953    IMG_9964c IMG_9965  IMG_9980  IMG_9983  IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9989 IMG_9991 IMG_9992 IMG_9993  IMG_9996   Marvan  sunset Tsunamia Painting

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