The blog of a travelling psychiatrist and football lover. Who happens to be a halfway decent photographer. Takes a cynical view of the world

Football folks- A unique breed really. Carpe Diem or should I say YOLO? Photographic treatise.

If I published these photos with no captions, most of us could guess that these characters have something to do with football. Why is it that football folks have to look like football folks? enjoy

AdrianoIMG_0460IMG_0453 IMG_0398 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0436

Rachel Rees. Physio at Bognor

Rachel Rees. Physio at Bognor

Kingsley Aikhionbare

Kingsley Aikhionbare

IMG_8686Paul vines2Shellshocked Lincoln ChairmanBandageLinesmanRichard Lee

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