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The Shard

The porcelain poppies live in the moat area around the Tower of London. The Shard looks like it is almost next door. They make great contrasts. It is very difficult to catch the emotion that surrounds the poppies and the darkness that once surrounded the Tower of London where so many were executed. The Shard is over 1000 ft and is the highest Champagne bar in London. Construction started in 2003 and it has 72 floors. The Shard also is the tallest building in the EU. On the 72nd floor at around 800 feet there is an open air observation deck for those who like heights.London Bridge Quarter which incorporates The Shard,  is today jointly owned by the State of Qatar and Sellar Property. If you want to know whats on each floor then Wikipaedia tell us this:


Floors Floor area Space designation
73–87 Spire
68–72 758 m2 (8,159 sq ft) The View from the Shard (observatory)
53–65 5,772 m2 (62,129 sq ft) Residences
34–52 Shangri-La Hotel
31–33 5,945 m2 (63,991 sq ft) Restaurants (Hutong, Oblix and Aqua Shard)
18-28 52,322 m2 (563,189 sq ft) Offices
17 Warwick Business School
16 Future Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera UK London Studios and Offices
3–15 54,488 m2 (586,504 sq ft) Offices
1–2 6,036 m2 (64,971 sq ft) Retail and office reception
Ground Hotel, restaurant and observatory entrances

The building was completed in November 2012.

Angry Shard
IMG_0264 IMG_0267 IMG_0273 IMG_0279 IMG_0281 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0296 IMG_0297

Porcelain Poppies at Tower of London


poppies 2


Street Food at Camden Lock Market

Ever so often one makes a discovery that has been hidden for many years or even a lifetime. Shopping does not fascinate me and neither frankly does travelling to crowded part of cities on weekend days. But we all can be wrong. By chance I ended up in Camden Lock Market on a sunday. There are many things to see, including unusual people who seem to derive from auditions for films such as Alice in Wonderland or Trainspotting Live. There were huge crowds who seemed to walk in a glacial manner in front of me making any journey seem like a sponsored walk for 20 miles. What however really interested me was the food on offer. I come from a background where “street food” equates to football ground fare. Tedious burgers made from dubious meat, strange pies and pasties and often ” not very” hot dogs ( and where do they get the cheap tomato and brown sauces from? Brands that do not seem existent on this planet end up at football grounds). But in a section of the market there was a collection of stalls of superb food. The sellers also knew it was superb as they gave away samples. The sample of turkish bread and chicken was delicious. There were indian foods, mexican ,chinese , turkish and italian. The tin of curry was packed full, of a size of a takeaway container with rice and then whatever one chose. I chose three different curries. All delicious. The trick then is to find somewhere to stand to eat whilst not being knocked or pushed. This feast cost me £4.
So where else can you eat out in London for £4 with free cabaret thrown in. Apologies for the quality of the I Phone photos.





Unusual Football Mascots

I never quite get football mascots really. Most adults are not interested nor excited by viewing a grown adult in the body of a bee, clown,shark, dragon and so on. But maybe I am at fault as the trend continues and if anything strengthens. Here we present Buzetter, a female Bee of the Brentford variety who cheerfully goes on her way each game shaking hands with the junior members of the crowd and making them smile. I am sure I have even seen her do a dance, but somewhat short of twerking. The question I am left with amongst others is what exactly would Jota, the new Brentford signing from Celta Vigo (pronounced Hotter) have made of this? I have my suspicions.

image imqage Jota imqage copy

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