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Who Actually is Barry Waitrose? Does he know Vincent Tan?

I do not know nor have met Barry Waitrose. In fact none of you have. But Barry a suburb of Cardiff if I recall has a Waitrose so I am told. This story from the excellent Independent made me laugh. For the full details just click away here


But essentially Waitrose now invite folks to sign up for a free loyalty card enabling them to have a free cup of tea/coffee regardless of any purchase in the store. Great idea. I think the marketing term is loss leader. I think the card also allows some discounts on certain products, but in any case it is free, took 2 minutes to sign up for and may be helpful. Seemingly some Waitrose customers think otherwise and consider that the wrong types of customers are coming into their shops with ” tesco bags”. One such comment comes from Barry Waitrose.

Who are these clueless people? Do they really think that shopping in a specific shop makes them better people? Delusions of grandeur or simply delusions……. Is there something wrong with the air in Cardiff? Firstly Vincent Tan and now Barry Waitrose.


However who is Barry Waitrose and has anyone ever met him?



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