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Abolition of Paper Tax Discs in 2014

On Thursday 5 December 2013, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the government will change the law in 2014 to reduce tax administration costs and burdens associated with vehicle tax. New system will be digital record. This can be checked by mere mortals by visiting this site

Paper tax discs will be replaced with electronic system from October 2014, with monthly direct debit option for 5%, or annually or even bi-annually. The government will do well out of this as the government estimates that it will lose around £35m due to Vehicle Excise Duty evasion in 2013/14, which equates to around 210,000 un-taxed vehicles, or 0.6% of the traffic on UK roads.

Maybe CCTV will then be able to stop motorists flouting the red route lines as shown in photograph below.


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