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So What Have Mercedes Benz New Malden Done Today?


The local residents of Stanley Avenue and other roads are totally fed up of the selfish and inconsiderate actions of this garage. Over the last few years this garage has made it very difficult for residents to park their cars in the roads by parking their own salesmen’s cars. Sometimes there are as many as 25 cars in Stanley Avenue and Byron Avenue. Usually there are at least 10 in Stanley Avenue. This in reality means that often parents having dropped off their children at school come back and have nowhere to park.   Recently things have worsened. The garage now seems to park old cars that they may  have purchased in part-exchange for up to weeks in the road. When asked the salesmen refuse to answer questions about this and suggest we should complain to their manager. They park their cars  obstructing driveways and also park inconsiderably taking up two spaces effectively.
On many occasions the residents have politely asked the garage to not park so many cars in the road and have written letters of complaint to the council and the garage. This has no effect. When directly approaching the employees in the road and explaining our issues they often say that they personally agree with us, say they will speak to their manager and subsequently nothing changes. Things have now worsened considerably. This is exampled by finding multiple cars parked in the road today, cars parked on red route lines and cars parked clearly advertised as for sale. On trying to interest the council today there is little response yet clearly it is illegal to park on red route lines for good reason ( and in this case it creates danger when entering the top of Stanley avenue from A3 direction) and my understanding is that it is illegal under council laws to place cars on the street advertised for sale.
The other reality is the reason they park cars in the roads may be so that they can maximise the number of cars they have for sale on their own forecourt, which is of course where they should park. In addition they have had a second premises the other side of the A3 and presumably none of their car salesmen fancy the long 100 metre walk from there. There is ample space to park here without causing any issues to anyone.
Just to summarise. The residents are not all NIMBY types but normal working folks who find that a commerical operation prevents them from parking not only in front of their own houses but actually in their own road. There have been many occasions when taxis, police cars, ambulances and even a hearse, have not been able to stop and park. This to us is unacceptable.
There is a further reality that the entrance and exit from the garage is only a few yards from the A3 sliproad and it is my real opinion that there is an accident waiting to happen here.
The garage will not act sensibly here and the council appears for whatever reason not to be interested. My own view is that enough is enough and only a concerted effort will change things. This may well culminate in opposing their license to operate there based on the above. Any help or interest you have in this story is very much appreciated. Some photographic proof attached here.
imagej imagem imagem2 image

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