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Lewis Emmanuel ex-Brentford player jailed for armed robbery Skelmanthorpe post office

Not many Bees fans will remember him as he had a loan spell back in 2007 for 2 months. His claim to fame that I just about recall was that he ” got lost” on the M25 and missed an away game at Morecambe. Brentford manager then was the infamous Terry Butcher.

A few more folks will have heard of him today as he has been jailed for 8 years for his part in an armed robbery in Yorkshire. Together with an accomplice they entered the post office masked and ordered customers to lay down on the floor including a 3 year old girl with her mother and grandmother.  Essentially held up a post office with a fake firearm. The end of a football career for him. He clearly had good talent at some stage as he played for many decent league 1 and occasional championship teams, but spent most of his career in and out of Luton town.

The story is an unhappy one as reported of a player clearly with talent who went the wrong way. His defence counsel said some of the biggest losers in all this will be his 3 children aged 10, 5 and 4 years.

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