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Bishop Paul Bushe 1490- 1558 Bristol Cathedral

Bishop Bushe was the first Bishop of Bristol Cathedral appointed by Henry 8th in 1542. He lasted 12 years before getting married in 1553 and then being thrown out for being a married priest in 1554. Nonetheless he has a decent tomb inside Bristol Cathedral. My interest in all this is that I am descended from him. He wrote some poetry and other small itesm that include, according to Wikipaidia  ” ‘Certayne Gostly Medycynes necessary to be used among well disposed people, to eschew and avoid the comen plage of pestilence’ (Redman, no date). This is a small trac containing prayers and conjurations against the plague.”  Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe

Bishop Paul Bushe by chris Bushe


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Stompond Lane. The Home of Walton and Hersham FC

Stompond lane has been the home of Walton and Hersham, who now play in the Ryman South division, ever since I began watching the club almost 50 years ago.  There have been some famous moments. Walton have played FA Cup first round games here in front of thousands of spectators including against Exeter and Brighton, managed then by Brian Clough. Walton also won the Amateur cup in 1973. Things however have been declining since then almost consistently. Far from being one of the best non-league clubs they are now one of the smallest in crowd terms at their level and things may get even worse. The council plan to redevelop Stompond Lane and force Walton and Hersham to share with their neighbours, also in Ryman South, Walton Casuals.  This plan has not been met with joy by either club however statements only  a week ago suggest that this plan to…

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The Last Strawberry 2013

The few little things that we have grown in the garden this year have actually tasted great, although not exactly kilograms of them. We have a Strawberry plant that has lived outside through snow and whatever weather is thrown at us, and produces happily each year. Today I found a last strawberry hidden away on the plant.

last strawberry copy

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