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Brentford 2 Swindon 1

A bitterly cold night with a windchill factor that had be about minus 10c. Despite this a decent crowd for a midweek tuesday game, almost 6,000. Healthy number of travelling though quite quiet Swindon fans, who ended up even quieter after giving up a goal lead to lose 2-1. 

This puts Brentford into third place with 9 games left to play. Did Brentford deserve to win this? Not sure. The first half was all Swindon, large , busy team, who took advantage of yet another Brentford central defensive error to open the scoring. In fact there were a few boos at half-time as the players left and one is not too surprised. There had been little passion, little good play and a single goal-scoring chance missed. 

Football is a curious game. The second half was totally different. Brentford on top mostly, scoring a penalty and a second goal from a well worked move. Brentford are a strange team at the moment. We keep being told that 7 players are under 22 years of age, but that for me cannot explain the variability of performances. Brilliant and then awful . Anyway, onwards and upwards, and on the positive side I survived a Brentford cornish pasty. That takes some doing. Watching and listening to Uwe Rosler is also exceptionally good cabaret. Even he had a coat on last night. 

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