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Brentford 2 Swindon 1

A bitterly cold night with a windchill factor that had be about minus 10c. Despite this a decent crowd for a midweek tuesday game, almost 6,000. Healthy number of travelling though quite quiet Swindon fans, who ended up even quieter after giving up a goal lead to lose 2-1. 

This puts Brentford into third place with 9 games left to play. Did Brentford deserve to win this? Not sure. The first half was all Swindon, large , busy team, who took advantage of yet another Brentford central defensive error to open the scoring. In fact there were a few boos at half-time as the players left and one is not too surprised. There had been little passion, little good play and a single goal-scoring chance missed. 

Football is a curious game. The second half was totally different. Brentford on top mostly, scoring a penalty and a second goal from a well worked move. Brentford are a strange team at the moment. We keep being told that 7 players are under 22 years of age, but that for me cannot explain the variability of performances. Brilliant and then awful . Anyway, onwards and upwards, and on the positive side I survived a Brentford cornish pasty. That takes some doing. Watching and listening to Uwe Rosler is also exceptionally good cabaret. Even he had a coat on last night. 

Side Effects. The film that is……. Wimbledon

I only heard about this film as I was sent a link relating to a work-related matter, so i knew the gist of the story before seeing the film. An interesting and very different film. Well acted. Rooney Mara plays the psychiatric patient well, although was less impressed with Jude Law as the psychiatrist. Well worth seeing. Sadly however we saw it monday night, a night of snow and ice, and were were literally the only two people in the cinema Wimbledon IMAX. The only downside to that cinema is the parking. There is no real alternative other than paying 1.50£/hour, right up to 11pm. So, that makes it £8 for the cinema ticket  ( or SINMA as someone seriously once wrote it, an adult) and 6£ for the car park. Crazy. 

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