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RIP Hedgepig the Hedgehog

Hedgepig lived in and arguably dominated my study for the last year. He rarely bothered to get up and communicate with me in the day but at night would spin round on a massive hamster wheel and make other peculiar noises. He ate crunchy cat food and mealworms whenever these were available. To be honest not an awfully cuddly type of pet as he reversed whenever picked up. He used to huff angrily at anyone invading his territory a large cage but eventually called a truce and rarely bothered to spike anyone. Most of his life he lived in a red slipper and today he was buried in the garden in his red slipper. He was a tame hedgehog not one “caught:.  I think he is an African Pygmy hedehog? He was given to us for safekeeping about 18 months ago when his owner went over to Mexico. We will miss him, a more photogenic hedhog there will never be.


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