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Entry to Year 7

Isn’t it strange how a child goes to school from a young age, often 4 years, and each year they go up a class, sometimes with a new teacher. But then comes the “end” of that school, it happens to be called primary. Around 6 weeks later they start ” secondary or senior” school, and all hell breaks loose. Parents become worried about this entrance to a big school, new uniform, new ways of doing homework and often new ways of getting to school. For many it is the start of independence with a school bus or public transport. Indeed this scenario is what has greeted many children in the boroughs of Sutton and Kingston this week.

The reality is the children are worried for about 2 days before. They worry about the new teacher, the new locker, where the toilets are and if their friends still like them. Suddenly it is all over and the normality of school kicks in. That is exactly what has happened this week.

A little bit of praise though. Nonsuch school in Cheam has been exceptional in its planning and organisation from the original acceptances of places through to selling uniform. Praise also to the X26 bus which transports children in record time at no cost with the precious oyster cards. School is truly back.

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