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Team GB 5 Korea 3 . Womens hockey was great.

Absolutely fantastic day at olympic Park today. Let no-one criticise LOCOG, they have done a fantastic job. The arrangements were superb and travel was easy. Saw two womens hockey games of which Team GB v Korea was a classic. What looked like an easy 3-1 win then turned into 3-3 and potentially even worse before two late goals won it 5-3. i was so impressed with the way they played with passion, strnegth,skill and great organisation. Their coach should be proud. the atmosphere was electric. The place was packed. This was the perfect advert for womens hockey as proved by the 11-year old who informed us that she wants to play hockey now at school. The only gripe was the fencing behind the goals which made sensible photography difficult but nevertheless some halfway decent shots.

Womens hockey also has it right. no stoppages hardly, no injury team, no time wasting, a ball is returned seconds after the other has gone out, no faking injury, no cynical fouls ( well not many). It was just a great sport to watch.

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