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Airport Security – what is your opinion?

Over the last 5 days I have travelled on 8 flights through various continents and been subjected to varying degrees of airport security . In general terms it has been tedious with slow queues essentially due to too few people and sometimes too few scanners to walk through. Sometimes the belt I wear sets the alarm off and sometimes not. That is not the reason for the blog. The reason is the security specifically at Newcastle Airport this afternoon. To give context the airport is incredibly busy with folks setting out on holidays and filling the bars beforehand to give them a headstart. I saw a family with two small children, they both looked about 2 in a double pushchair. The gate was unlocked to allow the pushchair not to go through the scanner. Looked sensible to me overall. I then saw a male security guard ask to frisk the children. The girl was taken out and given a totally perfunctory patting down because she was howling and trying to reverse rapidly away from this man ( totally predictable and understandable). The boy remained asleep in the pushchair during his also somewhat perfunctory examination. He was not moved so actually anything could have been underneath him. The parents and grandmother seemed not to object. My conundrum is that I would have objected if this had been my youngsters on a number of grounds. Firstly if the exercise was in airport security, then ” nil points” as any item could have remained undetected. Secondly it did all seem so unnecessary. We really have to use some common sense in security and mostly this seems to happen. I tweeted this story and Newcastle Airport tweeted back and to their credit send an email address to where a complaint might be made. I am not going to make any complaint as this did not happen to my children and presumably the parents will not either.

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