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The Most Useless Cats in the World

Two cats, both females, both sisters, both useless. They bring mice in regularly, a duckling arrived once last year and a pigeon the year before. They play with them, let them go, and cannot catch them again. Mouse then lives in grandeur feasting off crumbs and probably cat food. I can sometimes catch the odd half-witted mouse, but not this week. The 11 year old had a good idea. Get a jar with crumbs of fudge and tempt it in. It worked. Mouse was caught and despatched outside, together with small supply of fudge. end of mouse story.

Mouse in a Jar

One useless mouser

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One thought on “The Most Useless Cats in the World

  1. Judy Royle on said:

    Well, our’s isn’t useless, that’s for sure!
    Mice, birds & squirrels.
    Maybe Monty should give your two lessons.


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