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Boris and my I-phone. Bogus or Virus or Both

I now know why I like my I-phone. Apart from the obvious when travelling it keeps me company, tells me who is calling me and who to avoid, acts as my alarm clock, when the hands have fallen off my alarm clock proper, allows to do e-mail, allows me to do Facebook and Twitter, but most of all it amuses me. SIRI really does have a sense of humour that is vastly superior to any Heathrow airport employee, but it makes things up to amuse me when I am either bored or glum or both. Today I was having various Facebook discussions with members of family and friends over Boris. I am not a fan of his. I don’t like the way he looks, the way he behaves and I see nothing useful he has done for London. I will freely admit that my vote has gone to neither Boris nor Ken, and frankly I could have used Bingo to select my votes this time. So, to the point, when typing in Boris into my i-phone the first alternative it gave me was BOGUS and the second was VIRUS. Now that made me laugh. 

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