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Admiration for the Whitstable away Fans

Whitstable are currently very much bottom of the Ryman South as of February 2016 and before their away game at Molesey had won 4 of their 33 games and had conceded 89 goals in the process. Despite this misery there wasa decent contingent of Whitstable fans in the crowd of 63.

The Whitstable away support was in fact more noisy than the Molesey support most of the games with some curious chants, the most perplexing for me was the chant ” We know who we are”. However it takes a lot of effort not to mention money to come and support your team when they are expected to lose , and lose badly. I have no doubt that the pints of alcohol helped enormously dull the pain of this new loss. a number of banners adorned the away end all game and even when losing were still happy to sing and support their team. This is real support and they get my admiration this weekend.



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