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The Italian Toilet Job . Have a look at this Italian Toilet 

Whether the toilet seat should be up or down is always debated. Whether one should use wire to string it up is another question. Look closely and you will see that the restaurant owners in Rome clearly made their decision. Seat up. The wire is fixed very firmly so no tampering is possible. 

The second fascinating part is the Route 66 photo on the toilet . The road to nowhere it seems. I only spotted this when looking at the photo and not at the time.  I am presuming there is a photo on the cistern? A little bizarre but many things in Rome are

In Rome Everyone Smokes. Even the Buildings 

A wisp of cloud makes it look like this building has been puffing away. 

Scott Perham – Musician

Last week was spent on a cruise boat Navigator of the Seas. A nice way to spend 6 days travelling, mostly at night from Rome to Barcelona. One of the singers deserves a mention, Scott Perham. Each night he had what can be described as a 4 hour residency in the bar on the boat that could most be likened to an English pub. So whilst sipping Amstel or Bud Light , we had plenty of opportunity to listen. This man can play well. He played mostly music in the genre of Eagles, country rock and the suchlike. One song caught my ear that I did not recognise, ” Against the Wind” sung originally by Bob Seger. Sadly spotify does not seem to know this song. But this guy is good. If he were local I would visit regularly. Just saying.

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